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Athletic clothes and uniforms are not just for looks

athletic clothing

A quick look at athletic wear

There are many types of workout clothes and sports apparel.  Globally last year people purchased over 170 billion dollars’ worth of this type of clothes. Much of it is bought because of current trends and fashions, but how it looks is not its only or even its main purpose.  High quality athletic clothing and sportswear are designed to optimize functionality and performance, especially when it comes to sports.  A quick look at Basketball athletic wear and uniforms provides the case in point.

How athletic clothing has changed over the years

In the NBA the uniform consists of the t-shirt, the shorts and the basketball shoes.  Each has developed over the years.  The shoes developed with tread best to grip the courts.  They transitioned from low courters to high tops so that they could help protect the ankles.  Designers also beefed up the strength of the shoe to allow quick stop and go starts and side to side movements.   The t-shirts went from short sleeved to tank tops.  No sleeves allowed the most freedom of movement for the players and didn’t interfere with their shorts.  The shorts have gone from very short and tight to very long and loose. 

This has largely been due to changes in styles and trends but the loose shorts make it easier to wear knee braces and supports on the upper thighs and knees.  The uniform material was switched to synthetic blends such as Dry Fit clothing that wicked moister away from the body and to the surface of the material which allowed it to evaporate faster.  So now most basketball team uniforms all have Dry Fit shirts, shorts and even Dry Fit socks.

Make sure you do your research

The trend that occurred with basketball clothes/uniforms happened in other sports and athletic clothes as well.  Clothes manufacturers continue to find new ways to develop clothes that can offer more comfort and more functionality.   They have done a lot of research into the clothes we wear to work out in.  So, make sure you do your research too.  Just as there are high quality athletic clothes and sportswear there are also a lot of imitations out there.  Don’t let the cheap imitations affect your performance!