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Fun Outdoor Activities

When spending time outdoors, some people may find the time to be boring since they are away from the day to day norms of tv watching, gaming, and being an overall lounge lizard.

One of the amazing realizations you may come to is that by just cutting away from these “norms” is fun. You may not realize that having an open mind and the right attitude is all you need.

Story Telling

It is natural for man to tell stories and we have been doing so almost since the beginning of time. Making up stories to explain the stars and the rest of our surroundings is how people have always found a means of entertaining each other. In addition, telling spooky ghost stories may serve as a way to engage certain outdoors comrades who are otherwise difficult to entertain.

The best part of this type of entertainment is that it costs nothing and often drums up other side conversations that otherwise would not occur.

The easiest way to get started storytelling is to choose a single topic that should engage the people around you. This topic should gain attention by implanting an image of what the story may build up to. For example, you may start with something like “once upon a time I came across a ….” Or you “you won’t believe what I saw the last time I was out here”, etc. However you choose to start, it is important to mind your audience and not try to scare children too much or you might have a long sleepless night tending to the fears you instilled in them.


One of the easiest and oldest activates that intrigue most people are the stars. It’s almost natural to bring up deep conversations about the Universe and the world in which we live when looking up to the stars.

Take out a couple towels or a large blanket, lay back and relax as the conversations begin to flow.  You will be both entertained and surprised at the things your friends and family will come up with. For even more fun with this activity, let your young children get involved. Kids are like little geniuses and the things they say may be wildly funny, entertaining, and even mind blowing!

Physical Activities

One of the easiest things to do outdoors with your friends and family are physical activities such as going for a long walk, biking, kayaking, etc. One activity I recently introduced when camping with my family was trampolining.

Trampolining is an easy and affordable way to have fun with the entire family while getting much needed exercise. From my experience with this, one valuable addition I would recommend is bringing along a trampoline 12 pieds to cover the springs and protect users from unnecessary scrapes and other injuries.

In conclusion

The outdoors are a fun and free way to entertain you and your family but please remember the most important thing is to keep your family safe. It is always best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.